Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Thought

I am going deep down inside me, realizing myself more, knowing myself much better. 
A good soul I am, and I deserve good and not someone else's bad. 
The people are wearing mask of situations all the time, they are comfortable with another man's discomfort. 
They smile and breathe for the sadness they passed to the other human. 
They're seeing future which is bright and not realizing the darkness they left behind. 
They filled the hate in the man who was priest of love. 
The man who used to trust is now fine with the distrusts because he is prepared. 
I see myself around me and I am alone soul who is at peace.

Friday, December 19, 2014


And they go from A to Z,
From sunlight to bed.
The world revolves around them,
The value of usage is more than a gem.
They have their meanings, from ignoring to accepting.
Each alphabet is unique and important, like life.
Each framed word and sentence is worthy, like air we breathe.
Their jumble can love, hurt, hate and heal,
It can break, burn or make a deal.
Our life revolves around them, from QWERTY to ABCDE.
The blood from great grand to infants varies from A to B to O.
Sometime you get hold and sometime you just blow.

Alphabets, the bets we are paying and playing every day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Aaj maut maayus bethi hai, aaj maut se bhi bhayanak galti hui hai,
Woh chali aur le aayi maasum bachchon ko apne saath,
Woh bachche jo gaye the padne naa ki marrne.
Woh bachche jo gaye the kuch naya seekhne.

Peshawar ki aisi ghatna jo har manushya ko sochne pe majbur karti hai insaaniyat ki mojudgi.
Ye sach hai ki Aatankwaadi ka koi mazhab nahi hota, lekin is ghatna se ye bhi saabit ho gaya ki aatankwaadi insaan bhi nahi hota. Yahan tak ki jaanwar bhi inse bhale hote hain.

Aankhon mein sapne liye gaye the bachche har roz ki tarah, Kyun un maasumon ke sapne ujaade, ye koi bataye zara.
Koi bhaga, koi kuda, koi chupa, koi marrne ka naatak kiya to kaiyon ki saanse tham gayi.
Haiwaan hain maarne waale inhe, kya galti thi unki, maara hai in darindo ne jinhe.

Khoon se sani laashein, khoon mein bheege unke kapde aur jute apne aap mein hi maatam sa maahaul banate hain.
Phati kitaabein. Khoon ke dhabbe diwaron pe, farsh pe, kursiyon pe ek saath cheekh rahe hain aur badla maang rahe hain
Sipahiyon ki vesh bhusha mein aatankwaadi, kaun vishwaas dilayega in maasumon ko ki sipahi achche hote hain.

Ammi ghar mein bethe intezaar kar rahi thi apne laal ka, wahan laal, laal rang mein dube hue jannat ki ser ke liye nikal pada tha.
Abbu gaye the apne chand ke tukde ko paathshaala se laane, aur le aaye uski laash apni baahon mein.

Maarne waale islam ka naam lete hain, woh mazhab jiski quran ae shareef mein bachchon aur aurton ko maarna gunah hai.
Ab to bas yehi khyaal aata hai ki kya maarne waalon ke khud ke bachche nahi honge, kya maarne khud kabhi bachche nahi honge. 

Allah jawab de ab.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Aur tum bhool gaye ...

Aaj meri palkon pe aansu nahi aaye.
Aaj main sambhal gaya.

Dekh ke khushi mann mein uske,
main dukhi ho gaya.

Dukhi isliye nahi ki woh khush hai,
balki isliye ki woh sab itni asaani se bhool gayi.

Bhool gayi woh pal, woh lamhe jo humne saath bitaaye the.
Bhool gayi woh sapne jo humne saath sajaaye the.

Mann kabhi kabhi udaas hota hai sochke.
Insaan hun main bhi, hota hun dukhi kisi ko khoke.

Khair waqt ke aage jeet nahi hui kisi ki,
lekin waqt aur zamana humse hi hai.

Hum waise hi jeetein hain jaise hum jeena chahte hain.
Aaj bas apni sharton pe jeeta hun.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

20 Facts about Weird Me

Who am I?

It’s becoming a trend or it’s a chain, I don’t know. And I don’t like to nominate anyone for this. It’s about 20 facts about me. It’s really weird and something unusual as I can write stories on others but it’ll be a challenge to write about myself.

So let’s begin –

   1. I have a beautiful small family, who stands by me through thick and thin. My parents, my  sister, brother in-law and the love of my life; my CUB, Kabir. I am blessed to have  him; he  keeps me going strong and for him.

   2. I am blessed to have some really good friends around. They say, “If a friendship lasts  longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.” My list of friends is long  but  would like to mention few and they’re Saharsha Raj Sabharwal, Manan Kulshreshtha, Anant  Acharya, Luvleen Benbi and Rajat Gupta.

   3. I love to ride my Royal Enfield. Though I haven’t been to any long journeys but the  moment spent with RE is worth preserving. It’s been eight years and our love is  growing  strong.

   4. The thing which I love to do is Photography, I admit that I don’t have much of technical knowledge in it but I know I have the eye for it. I like to click and get clicked.  ;)

   5. I am a follower of Ernesto Che Guevara, Chandrashekhar Azad and many more rebels  like  them. I think it’s within me to act and think like them. I always wanted to have a  Pen Name  like CS Azad, it was “Balraj”. If I ever going to have, then it will be “Raghav  (on my dad’s  name)”.

   6. Music is my time machine. I can listen to it 365x24x7. The bands I love are Pink  Floyd, The  Beatles, The Doors, Coldplay etc. Indian classical from Sitar to Sarod,  from Santoor to  Sarangi, these instruments can take me to the moon.

   7. I love to meet different kinds of people, from different region, religion, love to  observe  them and that’s why I am an HR consultant. I know in my job the money is less but the  satisfaction is more.

   8. Though I used to hate History in my school life but from the last 5 years, I have started loving it. It not only increases your knowledge but also let you meet your roots and soul.

   9. At one point of life I really wanted to get married to the person I loved but then she left as  she couldn't take a firm stand. Now there is only one love and i.e. self-love. I want to  grow with my family. Partner or No partner, doesn’t matter. I can live my  dreams which  are  mine and not shared. Of course, I really want to adopt a daughter  and name her Roli or  Myrah. Let’s see. 

  10. I am very moody. The mood can change in a blink. Yes, I go angry and take time to calm   down. I don’t know why I am like this. But since I have seen lot of broken trusts, I am fine with the same. If I go silent after an argument, it’s a sign for  you to shut up. I can’t argue with you anymore. Moreover, I only argue if I am having the facts with me.

  11. I love to travel, be it trains, bus, car or airplane, or for that matter by any mode of  transportation. And I like to travel alone most of the times so that I can have some quality     time with myself.

  12. Though I am not that big to do charity but I love to contribute a smile on someone’s face.      Like to spend time with oldies, differently able children and children who are not that   privileged.

  13. I don’t know whether it’s a girl thing or a boy, but I like to collect different pairs of footwear. I have few and want to add more and more. Also, I love to pick different kind of caps.

  14. I am a foody and can survive on liquid diets as well. Food should only include Non Vegetarian (strictly). Drinks can range from Nimbu Pani to Beer, Coke to Rum, Juices to Whiskey and Coffee to Wine. 

  15. I personally don’t like to try new food or new restaurants. Old School favourite joints I’ll  prefer else if you want to take me for a trial then you should make sure in advance  that the  food is good and you as a company.

  16. Jim Morrison, William Wordsworth and few more are my favourite poets. They used  to  write from their soul, experiences and observations. Well I think, I also do the same. You  can check the same on my blog where I've expressed myself.

  17. I don’t forgive and forget that easily, be it love, hurt, dates or anything. You can blame my  Mumma for giving me Almonds every morning but that’s a truth. Well  sometime I suffer  because of the same but otherwise it’s a good thing I believe.

  18. I am very punctual; if you’re late by 2 minutes then you’re gone. I can actually leave you  and the place if you don’t respect the time, especially when it’s mine.

  19. I love my birth place Ajmer, my home place Jaipur a lot. Other than these cities, I like   where my friends and family are, then the place doesn't matter.

  20. Lastly, I shampoo my hair every day; I love to sleep and I sleep in no one position, my  bed, and no rules. I hate when somebody ask me to try weird vegetables :P . I hate cooking.  Like chocolates, love playing any sports (I was zonal / national level swimmer). Like to  watch Tennis, F1 on Television. Love watching movies (I can’t see all and yes I am choosy).

That’s a hell lot of stuff about me; if I've missed out something then it’s your bad luck. For the world I am still a mystery. Cheers

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Woh chehekna uska,
Yun khil khilake muskurana uska
Woh zameen pe farrate se daundna uska
Yun ruthna uska, apne mann ki baat puri na hone pe

Yun apne papa ki godi mein simatna uska
To wahin apni mummy pe zor lagana uska
Yun dadi-nani ko apne peeche ghumana uska
To wahin dada-nana se pyaar karana uska

Yun apni bhua ke baalon ke saath khelna uska
To wahin apne Mamu ki ungli pakad ke sona uska
Apni hasi se dusron ka din khushnuma karna uska
Kabhi gir ke hasna uska to kabhi apne aap mein hi kukna uska

Kabir, hum sabka ka pyaar, ehsaas aur ek khushi se jeene ki wajah J  


I find happiness in my nephew’s smile
I find happiness in his acts, his thoughts and in his words

I find happiness in my father’s lines
As I always see in them the positive signs

I find happiness in my mother’s gestures
At times I just love to be her jester

I find happiness in my sister’s taunts
She is my strength whom I can always flaunt

I find happiness in my brother in-law’s wittiness
He does have many talents and I am lucky to witness

I find happiness in my best friend’s care for me
We are strong and believe in the quote, “let it be”

I find happiness in Kid’s company
I find happiness in doing friendship with a stranger

I find happiness in photography and in my writing
I find happiness when I am on my steel horse and its thumping

I find happiness in seeing and giving other people happiness
I see million reasons to live every day in madness

I find happiness in music, it gives me soul to like and love the world
Life is how we make it; I am designing it to be happy and crazy

Saturday, May 17, 2014

When ...

When the mind is free, I am not.
When the heart is sad, I am part.

When the eyes are dry, the memories are not.
When the touch is lost, the feelings knock.

When there is no wrong, I am guilty.
When there is peace, I am at war.

When there is no happiness, I find reasons.
When there is no trust, I start believing.

When it rains, I don’t find it wet.
When there is fire, I feel no heat.

When I find reasons to be happy, I ignore.
When I am carefree, I am filled with hatred.

When the life is moving ahead, I am going back.
When I used to be in Heaven, It was the world to me.

When the words are lost, I search for meanings.
When the love is lost, I broke.

When I miss, I close my eyes.
And I keep them close.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Aaj aur Kal ...

Insaan pyaar ka bhukha hai ya roti ka.

Apnapan kahin kho gaya hai ya phir matlabi ab manushya ho gaya hai.

Batt rahe hain mandir aur masjid ke naam pe ya phir sharab aur paison ke daam pe.

Koi ladd raha hai sapne dekh ke to koi ladd raha hai apno ko dekhke.

Kahin koi sapne dikha raha hai to dusri aur koi apni galtiyon ka hisaab chuka raha hai.

Udhar hosh mein behosh hote log to idhar jeet ke saaye mein madhosh hote log.

Kuch log gareebon ke zakhm kured rahe hain to kuch log puraane zakhmon pe namak chidak rahe hain.

Koi ruth raha hai, koi tut raha hai to kahin koi loot raha hai.

Iss baar sarkar kisi ki bhi aaye, ho sake to ek baar achchi aur sachchi sarkar aaye.