Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Autowala. In

And he saw me standing while crossing me, he was going for some work and soon after 5 minutes he came back to me and asked, "Bhaiya kahan jaana hai?", I told him, close to "Filmistan". He said, "bethiye, paise jitne hote hain utne de dena aap". This man was Mr. Bechan who haven't asked me double the rate than the actual. I asked the meaning of his name but he was unaware of the same. I searched it too on the internet but couldn't find anything. And the journey started.

This was, when I had gone to Delhi on the last weekend after having tough one month in Behror. I wanted to talk, share my views and opinions and the very first guy I met was Mr. Bechan. He cursed other Autowalas as they were available when I was in need but wasn't going because of the Traffic Jams. He said, "Bhaiya, jaana hum sab ka farz hai, ab traffic to puri Dilli mein hai, iska matlab ye thodi na ki kahin nahi jayenge, aur aap bhi paise de rahe ho to humein kya farak padta hai." His words were meaningful and same were his views. Then he cursed the local Traffic Police that how they harass these Autowalas for without any reason. Just to earn money they charge them for any stupid reason. He told me stories about weird passengers who are not willing to pay even Rs. 20 which is appropriate and how he let it go to avoid any argument.

Then as we were rolling on the road, he started sharing his family issues. That his nephew who is 18 wants to marry a girl of the different caste who is 21. How that girl is taking the advantage of this boy. Bechan bought a Motorbike for him as he demanded but soon he started spending his time and his money on that stupid girl. After all this, the boy told his Chacha i.e. Bechan that he wants to marry that girl and for that he can also leave the house. Bechan tried his level best to convince him but failed, he also kicked him but again not succeeded and then he decided to take them to the Police. The police thrashed that boy and girl (not that badly) and made them write that they won't see each other again.

Well this was the step taken by Bechan. He stopped his 18 years old nephew to get married so soon and Bechan became a villain infront of his brother and sister in-law. They even threatened him that they will file case against him for beating their son. But in my eyes Bechan did good for his nephew and for his entire family.

'There are good souls in the world as well, all we have to do is to find them'

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